An Alliance of Fire Protection and Appendix R Consultants

Since promulgation of 10 CFR 50, Appendix R in 1981, most of those with original Appendix R expertise have moved on to other endeavors or nearing retirement from the Nuclear Industry. Yet, today, the industry is confronted with new challenges in fire protection compliance interpretations and configuration management, and with meeting those challenges cost-effectively. The old "model" of having complete staffs of individuals with all the necessary skills - by either licensees or A/E firms - is not practical in today's transition to open market utility competition.

Appendix R Solutions offers a unique concept for supporting future industry needs by leveraging available Fire Protection and Appendix R expertise and, in part, by utilizing computer and internet technologies that have only recently become available. This business model is consistent with the new business-to-business innovations in improving efficiencies, increasing productivity and reducing costs that is transforming American business practices, today.

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